Games rarely do exactly what the title promises nowadays, but Banana Bugs truly sticks to the titular notion with extreme loyalty. You are a monkey that wants to save his bananas from hungry bugs, and the only way to do so is to built barriers horizontally or vertically within a discrete area, after which the section that is smallest is filled in and all the bugs within it are eradicated. It may sound like a bit of a complicated concept on paper, but this couldn’t be further from the truth since in practice, this game is extremely easy to pick up but very, very difficult to put down. Winning is a simple as filling in a minimum percentage of the given area, so don’t wait any longer and see for yourself the potentially day-filling fun of Banana Bugs!

Banana Bugs

Monkey Trouble

I’ll have to admit that it has been a little while since I’ve played a game that can only be played if installed with a games manager (courtesy of Popcap), but I went and bit the bullet for this one, or more accurately, bit the bug. While I’m not usually one to go changing classic phrases by replacing the word “bullet” with “bug”, I thought I’d make an exception for this one since this game is particularly child-friendly, though it is by no means a child’s game. It has also be a while since I have encountered a game with such a simultaneously simple and challenging premise that is also so very addictive. If you’ve ever been a monkey that is rightfully worried about hungry bugs of all kinds trying to steal his bananas, then you will understand the problem encountered in this game, which is to save your bananas from the greedy hands of the various bugs that are crawling and flying about in the active zone. The aim is to save your bananas by filling in the active areas on the screen, using nothing but a monkey that builds shoots ropes both vertically or horizontally, creating a barrier and filling in the section that is the smallest. It may sound a little complex but playing it soon eradicates this view, so are you ready to fill in a minimum percentage of any given area? I hope so.

Banana Bugs

Monkey Around

Getting down to business, Banana Bugs is a fantastic puzzle game with a fresh concept and a colourful, well-designed look that is neither too intensive for slower computers nor too plain either. Everything is reasonably colourful without being too over-the-top, and the graphics are generally much better than you will find on most apps these days.