christmas wonderland 5 game play

Christmas Wonderland 5's main story is straightforward and easy to grasp: Christmas is here and you help out Mike, Mary, and Santa do their Christmas-y things. And to help them, all you need to do is click on hidden objects in every scene of the game. The amount of details in the artwork is incredible and it will take some serious focusing to sniff out some of the more cleverly hidden bits and pieces which is something a lot of players will surely enjoy.

What is Christmas Wonderland 5?

Christmas Wonderland 5 is a hidden object game. For those of you unfamiliar with the genre –it is where players are presented with a scene and a list of objects that they need to look for. Sometimes, locating an object is easy –like there is a scene of a kitchen and you are told to look for a frying pan and you find it either on top of the stove or hanging neatly on the wall (like you would expect to see it in real life), but more often than not, some objects are hidden in locations that are not easy to find (like in the shadows behind a counter).

As a gameplay mechanic, HOGs are pretty straightforward and the one single tactic of scouring every centimeter of scenery for hidden items works. What makes it so fun to play is that the game does not really require you to think and instead make use of a mechanical process instead –this makes the experience of playing HOG titles quite relaxing especially for those of you seeking to unwind your minds.

Combining the holiday theme with the HOG mechanic is a great match –Christmas is a time best spent relaxing and a game like this will set you right in a great festive mood (or at the very least, ease out some tension).

Other Things to Do

Aside from being a straight HOG title, CW5 also offers other game modes to keep the pace from getting repetitive. One of our favorites is the jigsaw puzzle mode that allows you to piece together entire scenes.