Flabby Kid vs Fast Food Corp: Getting Stuck In!

When gamers ftypically think about old school platformers they set their minds back maybe not as far as the Spectrum, BBC Micro or the Atari (the list goes on...) but most definately the Sega Master System, Mega Drive and the Super Nintendo. I was more of a Master System and Mega Drive fan than a Snes fan so I remember games such as Psycho Fox, Wonderboy 3 The Dragons Trap, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, James Pond and Sonic the Hedgehog. There are so many more I could name and which I spent countless hours not just completing but replaying over and over.

Fast forward almost 40 years on, yes can you believe it's been 40 years since many of these titles had been developed! and there are some real gems to be found on small mobile phone screens. Admittedly not quiet as original in terms of narative and theme but still well worth the full playthrough and attention of your time.

Flabby Kid is a new platform title created by what seems to be a tiny team based somewhere in the UK. When I first came across this title when filtering through the endless amount of trashy titles released weekly in the Playstore it's art style and cutsy boy character struck a cord with a few of the above mentioned titles - Alex Kidd and Wonderboy being such games. It seemed to align itself with the fully enjoyable Dan the Man (also on the playstore) in terms of high development value although admiteddly had a long way to go to match good old Dan who was formed from the great team who brought you Fruit Ninja!

What's a Kid Got to Do to Keep Trim?

Well I can't really answer that question in this game because unfortunately you start out already flabby but you are determined to do something about it, so you make your jolly way to a big corporations head quarters who seem to be behind your flabby belly as well as all the other human beings flabness in the world.

The aim playing as flabby is to scale the tower of various junk food themed minions, overcome the bosses and take down the corporation to free the world from fast fooD. Boy oh boy could you imagine a world without fast food, seriously, it would be bizarre to be walking down every high street seeing trim people everywhere you looked - like the old days if you old enough to remember a much fatter free world. Anyway I digress too much.

The narative is too familar with past games and it comes to life through relaying a problem very real to todays society in many countries around the world. That crude corporations are profiting from the plight of human health and addiction. However Flabby Kid tends to keep to the funnier side of the equation and refrains from too much of a political side to its aims with keeping you focused on a much more personal outlook on this evil fast food corporation.