Games manage to get our attention for doing something different. Sometimes, a massive game-breaking innovator changes the way we play games. Sometimes, they just mix up a few things to make it feel new (even if it is not). Most titles, like Jenny's Balloon is more of the second one –not to say that those games are bad of course, many of them are quite good (and most games do fall under that category). Jenny's Balloon brings a very familiar gameplay mechanic with a visual style not often seen in this kind of game. The best part is that the two elements are merged together so well that we cannot help but be impressed.

Jennys Balloon

What is Jenny's Balloon?

Jenny's Balloon is a mobile app game where players take control of Jenny, whose pet has been tied up to a balloon and is floating away. Jenny then takes a set of balloons to help her chase after her pet. The whole game consists of players steering Jenny around as high as she can possibly go –avoiding obstacles and other dangers on her flight up.

The game mechanics are simple, Jenny's upward movement is automatic, she will keep floating up –so the only thing you need to do is move her left or right. Of course, balloon maneuverability is not all that tight, so you will need to be a little deft with the controls in order to get her past some of the game's more complex obstacles. Everytime you hit a hazard, one of the balloons will pop. When all the balloons are popped, the game ends and you restart from the bottom.

It Never Ends?

We have no idea if this game has an ending or not –and frankly, the notion of an ever-floating pet that will never be rescued leaves our hearts feeling a little sad. And unlike many launch games here:, no matter how high you get, the only reward you will keep is a scoring system based on the distance you travel. There are no other rewards and no upgrades to be acquired. You float, you lose balloons, and then you start all over again.

So far, all that sounds pretty lame. But it is not. Jenny's Balloon makes the experience of playing it pretty addictive, and this is done with how the game is delivered.