For some, the mere mention My Little Pony brings up warm, fuzzy childhood memories. Being a series dedicated to friendship, it surely brings to mind images of happiness and cheer. This is definitely not the case for this uber creepy Flash game called Friendship is Magic: Story of the Blanks. Developed as fan material for the more mature and adventurous of MLP's followers, this game delves into the spooky and the macabre while still delivering much of the core essence of the original series spirit.

My Little Pony Story of Blanks

Not Quite Your Typical "My Little Pony" Story

Just because Story of the Blanks does not fit the mold, does not mean it is a game to pass up. The contrast is actually a breath of fresh air for series fans and casual game players alike. This 8-bit gem features the young Earth Pony Applebloom who begs unicorn pony Twilight Sparkle to let her tag along on a delivery for Zecora. Twilight Sparkle reluctantly agrees but is determined to finish the errand before night falls. After delivering the book on local herbs, the two encounter several road blocks on their way home. With Twilight Sparkle busy removing the tree trunks, Applebloom then wanders off while trailing a mysterious pony and finds herself in Sunny Town, a place filled with ponies with blank flanks.

Without spoiling anything about what happens next, following the racks of our young hoofed protagonist entails quite a bit of manoeuvring, a dash of puzzle solving and some quick reflexes. Applebloom's adventure is short but sweet and could be completed in a mere 15-minutes, provided that you are not the type to get scared easily. And rest assured, this game has been designed to provide you with enough chilling scenes to send shivers down your spine (or at the very least, raise a few goose bumps).

Moving Around in the Dark

The simplistic controls are easy to get used to, regardless if you are a veteran player or a newbie. In fact, there are only five keys you have to focus on in order to survive the night. The directional pad controls Applebloom's movements while pressing the Z key allows her to interact with objects and characters. Of course, the graphical limitations of the 8-bit theme will mean that some players might end up stumbling about for a bit (looking for interactive content to progress the story with).

My Little Pony Story of Blanks

Again, it being 8-bit, simple controls do not necessarily mean that the game play is a walk in the park. In fact, steering Applebloom tends to be a tad bit more challenging due to the tile by tile movements. Many would argue that much of this game's appeal lies in its intrinsic limitations. For us, the decision to deliver this game in 8-bit is massive stroke of genius, providing players with a feeling of being lost in a world long forgotten (which also matches the game theme -as we said, genius).