Go on a time travelling adventure with Panda and his mysterious portaloo in Panda's Big Adventure. This point and click game blends its humor-filled storytelling with tricky puzzles to give you the cosmic ride of your life.

Panda's Big Adventure

The story begins in Panda's HQ. His mission briefing arrives describing a peculiar piece of alien technology located at a secret government bunker. Our furry hero heads there to acquire this important device only to discover a portaloo hidden within. Not wanting his trip to go to waste, he proceeds to conduct a more thorough investigation but then ends up activating it upon flushing the toilet. After a time travel sequence that would make any Whovian proud, pieces of the alien machine are sent flying to different parts of time. Your job is to help Panda get these missing pieces back so that he can go home to his beloved HobNobs.

Being a quintessential point and click adventure, all interactions are done through mouse clicks. You can move freely from level to level in order to gather quest items and collect critters. No, the portaloo's pieces are not directly obtainable through exploration. You didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you? In order to get the essential parts for your time machine, you will need to talk to and assist the game's NPCs. Basically, by solving puzzles; you will somehow stumble upon the correct items along the way.

This may not be the best game for people who are looking for a challenge. Unlike its sequel, Panda's Bigger Adventure, there is a lack of mini games to test your skill. Because items are all meticulously labeled, and there's not much variety in the way puzzles are presented, the game does suffer a bit from being too easy for point and click veterans.