Whether it is the thrill of galloping as fast as the wind or the calm of trotting past rolling hills, one thing remains the same: there is an undeniable charm to the feeling of being atop a mighty steed. In Planet Horse, players get a chance to take on the dream many young girls everywhere - to be a professional equestrienne in this fun horses game.

Mount Up and Ride through Planet Horse

As the new recruit and the rising star of the Ranch, players get to participate in a wide variety of events ranging from races to cross country tours to challenging show jump events. In between, players manage their rider, equipment, and also groom their horses for later competitions. With plenty of activities and a great horseback riding challenge, Planet Horse is one game that will certainly provide players with hours of fun.

Riding: Much Like Magic, Only Easier

Horseback riding is no joke, but Planet Horse manages to do away with all the complexity of the real thing and strip it down to its bare essentials. The result is a horseback riding gameplay system that is easy to learn and fun to do. A single mouse button will control it all (and players can alternate between the left and mouse buttons according to preference), this makes the game more focused on the enjoyment factor over anything else.

The game is split up into several sections all accessible from a main menu. There are side tasks such as grooming horses (in which they will be clean enough to compete in three events) and purchasing items. Purchased items can be horse riding gear (such as new saddles) to clothes for the rider. Later in the game, players also get a chance to buy new horses.

Mount Up and Ride through Planet Horse

The three main competitions in this horses game are the Cross Country, Show Jumps and the Riding events. Each event has its own specialty focusing on one specific horse attribute: speed, jumping and stamina. While the most casual of all the three events, it is the riding that will be taking in the most amount of time for users as it also involves an exploration aspect for collecting hidden items. These are not required to finish the game, though they do unlock some pretty good items in the store.

The two other events will challenge the player’s control of the horse. Cross Country tours favor speed over anything else, though players will still have to accomplish several jumps. Show Jumps focus almost entirely on jumping and players will need to have good steering skills to keep their steed on track.

Finishing each event will earn the player a medal and a corresponding amount of credits for purchasing items. Horses will earn a bit of a stat upgrade for every event they compete in, regardless of whether they win or lose.