Now, most of you hidden object game players already know what to expect in terms of gameplay: large intricate backgrounds full of assorted items and details that will hide all the important objects that you need to find before you can move on to the next scenario. Yes, we still; cannot fathom why you need to search for a gazillion pairs of shoes even though you already got the crowbar half an hour ago. But beyond that little moment of disbelief, Clockwork Man delivers on all the great things one would expect from a hidden object game -and then some.

The Clockwork Man

Okay, okay, we have to admit, we are fans of the original Clockwork Man title. It has a fun lead character, an engaging story and beautiful visuals. No two ways about it, Clockwork Man was a fun hidden object game. So when it was announced that Total Eclispe was bringing out the Ultimate Edition, we were all excited about it; and now that we finally have the Clockwork Man: the Hidden World Download right at our fingertips we can easily say that our expectations has been truly met.

A Real Game

One of the things that we truly appreciate about Clockwork Man is the fact that it is true to the form of the hidden object genre but still maintains a decent level of gameplay variety. There's plenty of puzzle solving to be done -something which we appreciate a lot but might turn off those who are simply looking for a straightforward search-for-objects kind of gameplay. With that said, we say there is always more fun in variety, and the fact that you take on different challenges makes the world more real, the events more engaging, and the story more captivating.

Getting back to the hidden object gameplay, there are plenty of things to search out in each scene -which is thankfully, not timed and does not penalize excessive clicking. You can explore a scene as much as you want and if you tire of it, you have to option to return to the map and try out other available locations. The hidden object scenes themselves also provide a bit of variety -allowing you to zoom in and out as well as panning left and right to get a bigger picture of things.

Helping you out in your search is your plucky litter helper robot. An instant item search will provide you with one quick freebie while the object list ability gives a more strategic response: you can select one item from your search list and the robot will show you exactly what it looks like -making the search a little quicker. The skills can be used after a cooldown period -which is generously quick and does make the game significantly easier. When you are down to your last two items and charge for these two abilities become ready, you might as well use them; they also recharge while you are exploring or doing other things.

The Clockwork Man

As we said, the game also provides players with other puzzle sequences as well. Some require you to decode patterns, others are simply a matter of figuring out which item in your inventory will be needed and some will require you to piece together a jigsaw puzzle. There is plenty of variety in terms of side puzzles here, which make it feel as if you are truly solving a mystery instead of just letting Miranda run around randomly. Also, here is a freebie for the first safe you come across: Moby Dick - Whale, Evolution - Monkey, Bible - Cross, Illiad - Horse, Alice in Wonderland - Rabbit, Raven - Bird.

Clockwork What?

The game takes its title from the sidekick of our lead character, the little robot who follows our lead character, Miranda, around. He's small, has a few useful gadgets and mostly serves as a plot device to get some events going. Sorry Clockwork Man, but your value in the storyline does not kick in until way after the second half of the game -and even then, it is still Miranda doing most of the work. Even then, we cannot help but be charmed by the little Clockwork dude. Sure, he does not get much in terms of dialogue, but his constant and loyal presence makes Miranda's adventures into particularly dangerous situations feel a little brighter and oddly, safer.