The Farmer is a farm simulator game that gives the player the responsibilities of growing different types of crops and taking care of chickens. You must buy and plant different types of vegetables and fruits. The vegetables and fruits you harvest can be sold to earn money and buy more crops. It is a continuous cycle, a cycle of life in a farm.

The Farmer

Seeds for the Future

A game that involves farming would not be complete without different types of seeds to plant. The Farmer provides a lot of choices when it comes to planting vegetables and fruits. Each one has a different growth period and harvesting procedure. Like in real life, certain vegetables and fruits can only be harvested once, while others can be harvested multiple times. Here are all the types of vegetables and fruits that can be grown in the game:

Turnip – this root crop can be grown and harvested in a very short period of time. Turnip seeds cost 100g a bag. Each turnip can be sold for 50g.

Carrot – another easily grown root crop. While it might take a bit more time to grow, carrots can be sold for 60g a piece. A bag of carrot seeds cost 200g.

Potato – a highly prized root crop that can sell for 75g a piece. Potatoes are grown much longer compared to other roots crops and each bag of seeds cost 300g.

Tomato – tomatoes can be harvested multiple times from just one plant. It takes a bit longer to grow and harvest tomatoes but it is worth the wait since each tomato sells for 150g. Not bad for a 500g investment on tomato seeds.

Corn – each ear of corn fetches a hefty price of 160g. While it does take lot of days before it matures, each corn stalk can be harvested many times before wilting. Each bag of corn seed costs 600g.

The Farmer

Strawberry – each strawberry vine produces multiple fruits that can be harvested multiple times. Selling at 200g each, investing in a vineyard full of strawberries will definitely yield a bigger profit. 800g is the price for each bag of strawberry seeds.

Watermelon – another great fruit to grow and harvest. Each watermelon vine produces only one fruit once they have matured, which takes a very long time. While each watermelon fruit sells for 500g, the time needed to grow and harvest these plants might not be best source of income for a farmer. Watermelon seeds are also expensive and cost 900g a bag.

Grape – while grapes take a long time to harvest, thanks mainly to the long growth period of the plants themselves. They are very profitable, since each cluster of grapes harvested costs 350. Not bad for an investment of 1200g.

Planting and growing crops in the game involves not just seeds but fertilizers and bug killing insecticides as well. Mixing fertilizers in the soil everyday increases the plant’s growth rate and keeps them healthy. Sometimes worms are seen munching on your plant’s leaves and stems; use the bug spray to kill these pests. Always check your plants thoroughly each day since some of the worms are hard to spot especially on watermelon and strawberry vines. Both fertilizer and bug spray can be bought at Brudeen Shop, just outside of your farm.