War in a Box: Paper Tanks is a pretty literal game, the tanks are made of paper. Well, more like paper and board and glue and inks and coloring materials. If you have built paper dioramas before or simply have an appreciation for the hobby, the visual style of this game is sure to leave an impression. And if you have no idea what we're saying, we just mean that this game look unique and we meant that in a very good way. As a TD title, there really is nothing here that you will not find in other TD games. But at least in this one you can be sure that it is visually impressive.

War in a Box: Paper Tanks

What is War in a Box: Paper Tanks?

This is a tower defense game where players take control of towers to stop advancing tanks and planes (and zeppelins and light vehicles). As a tower defense game, you play the role of the defender, making use of a limited amount of starting resources in order to create a line of defenses using immobile turrets. These turrets, depending on the type you build, will either be effective or ineffective against your enemies. Ideally, the defensive line you build should be able to adapt to different enemy formations so combining different turret types is where your strategic capabilities will be put into play (positioning is also as important).

As we said, you start out with limited resources, the good thing is that each enemy kill will award you with more funds for more turrets. Since enemies attack in waves, the game falls under a steady cycle of combat and upgrades. Each time new waves arrives, your towers will try to defeat them. If you are successful, you can then use whatever you have earned to build better defenses.