Where's My Water

Swampy is an alligator that lives in a drainage system inside a city.  He loathes getting mucky, although every time he attempts to bathe himself, a character called Cranky, who is also an alligator that lives in a sewer, disturbs the flow of the water to Swampy's house. A fixed or never ending water supply is situated someplace in the level in several locations that flows from a pipe, and the player has to use a touch screen on their device to plough through the filfth to send the water towards a cove that leads to Swampy's bath. From time to time, the water has to be directed via additional pipelines or has to work together with machinery so that a route can be opened to the cove.  A level finishes after the right quantity of water arrives in the bath, and then the subsequent level is unleashed. Three rubber ducks are dotted around the levels too that players can collect once they’ve absorbed a certain amount of water. There are some concealed objects in some levels too.  Plus, when you’re in a mucky location it will release an extra level after you collect three items.

There are specific levels that have many dangers that players need to avoid or remove.  For instance, certain levels have algae that tend to soak up water and cultivate. Additional kinds of liquids like venom and green seep will emerge now and again. A tiny droplet of venom will infect unpolluted water, and turn it into venom, whilst the ooze corrodes away through the filth and interacts with water, obliterating the two liquids. The venom plus the destroy the ducks made from rubber when they make contact with them.  Nevertheless, the two liquids will wipe out the insidious algae when it makes contact with it – the toxin will eradicate it, whilst the ooze causes it to go hard, which creates a fresh obstacle.  Moreover, they’ll explode if they make contact with one another, which is likely to open up sections of the level to advantage or disadvantage the player.

You are given points according to the length of time it takes you to finish the level, for collating rubber ducks plus for supplying extra water – not just the smallest possible quantity of water to Swampy's container. If you collate a specific quantity of rubber ducks you’ll unlock fresh groups/categories in each level too.


A group of graphic designers from Creature Feep (inside the Disney mobile team) created the game Where's My Water?  Creature Feep’s leader Tim Fitz Randolph, has also worked on other well-liked games like game JellyCar.  He explained the reason why he developed Where My Water is?at an interview; his aim was to add a fresh character to the company, whilst creating an incredibly exciting game throughout the development. 

Where's My Water

The initial stages of the games development focussed on the game’s overall idea; this was a player utilising his/her finger to get the water to their desired location.  FitzRandolph, claimed that they had plenty of ideas, but his team kept returning to the idea of water because other designers haven’t covered much about it, especially the physics related to water.  All the Stylists spent time to make sure that the water stream was natural just like a player may anticipate it in reality.  Hence, this would make the game really simple to those who are new to it. In reality, water is delivered as plenty of droplets connect to one another.

The location where a player has to route the water to turned out to be a bathtub; the game designers needed to invent the purpose for including a bathtub under the ground at this stage. The reason originated from old myths about how alligators lived in sewers in cities, therefore the main character in the game tuned into a "mindfully clean-alligator.  In plenty of other Disney games, the characters have been used from films from their own company; however, Where's My Water? Is the first time Disney has created a unique character for mobile phone games game. When Disney was at the stage of making that character, they desired someone that appeared to belong to and aligned with more Disney characters".

Made Public

Where's My Water? was introduced with four episodes that all have 20 different levels.  These are: "Meet Swampy", "Troubled Waters", "Under Pressure" and "Sink or Swim".  Fresh sections were released that are modernised, and everyone includes a fresh game play structure. In 2011, the new edition included "Change is Good", which has 20-levels of extensions that incorporate the capacity to alter the kinds of liquids between each level so that you can finish the levels more successfully.  "Boiling Point" is a chapter in the game that was released in 2011 too; it incorporates levels where players have to change steam into a fluid. During November 2011, an edition that was for gadgets that had the Android operational system was launched in North America; it that had all the six chapters that could be obtained at the stage.

Then, "Stretched Thin" was launched a month later to the two stages as a Christmas edition, which added 20 extra levels.  An edition that assisted an advert of Where's My Water? was launched during this time too on iOS and Android. This free edition has 25 original levels, and the capacity to unchain five well-liked levels that come from the primary game.