Wonder Rocket is a launch game that focuses on only one thing: how high can you fly? The game starts off innocently enough, sending you through the usual paces of a launch game -fly, upgrade, repeat. There are a few obstacles in the way –random balloons, helicopters, etc. Nothing too insane, and you slowly build up your resources in order to acquire more money to upgrade your rocket in order to launch higher. Then, once you finally reach outer space (this is a rocket after all), things start taking a turn for the strange.

Wonder Rocket

What is Wonder Rocket?

Wonder Rocket is a launch game where you fire a rocket into space. Being a launch game the goal is to get as far and high as you possibly can. For those of you who have never played a launched game, this is how it is done.

First you play the game by launching (hence the genre name) the rocket. Do not expect to get very far, but you will get some cash after your first attempt. This cash can then be used to upgrade your rocket (more fuel, better engine, wings for maneuverability, etc), regardless of which upgrade you take, it will help you perform better and get more cash on your next launch attempt. Each launch attempt gets further and further as you continue the cycle of launching and upgrading.

Fancy Rocket

Your rocket upgrades come in several categories. Fuel will increase the stock of fuel you have, more fuel means being able to move further. Hull determines the maximum HP of your rocket –bumping into stuff will cause damage; you also have armor upgrades that increase your damage resistance. The engine can be upgraded to help you move faster, while wings will help you maneuver better (to get items, avoid damage). Weight and Aero, like the engine, improves the speed of your flight. Boosters provides you with a nitro boost (triggered by pressing up), allowing you to dash small distances for a limited number of times. Lastly, Pickup and Earnings increases the amount you get from items and end-of-run rewards. There is no optimum upgrade category to specialize in, though we found that increasing the earnings, fuel tank, and engine suited our gameplay style.