Putting enthusiasts will love Wonderputt –and so will any gamer with a taste for well made games. This game is a mix of intuitive controls, great gameplay mechanics, and clever stage design (in fact, one of the most clever design ideas we have ever seen). It is neat, sleek, and stylized, presented in the simplest, easy to grasp form imaginable and yet it promises an incredibly deep level of gameplay. The physics is executed in a manner that is both realistic and appropriate for the feel of the game.

What is Wonderputt?

Wonderputt is a putting game. It consists of 18 different courses all weaved into one another. The whole putting game literally takes place in only one screen. Courses overlap with each other, with impressive animated transitions revealing the flow from one course to another. It is a delight to watch as you land the ball in the hole and the an entire chunk of the terrain starts moving to reveal a completely new course for you to play in. The load times and transitions are so smooth and seamless that it feels even more organic than walking around an actual putting theme park.

Putting is made very easy in the game. Your mouse cursor, in relation to the ball, determines the origin of your swing. The distance of your cursor to the ball determines strength (the further you are, the stronger it gets and the further the ball will travel). Lastly, clicking the mouse button starts the putt. It is a simple control system, one that is used and maximized to the fullest in this game. You cannot expect to get past the various courses by blindly swinging at full power. You need to observe your surroundings in order to figure out the best way to get a good score under-par.